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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 7, 2009 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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♪ ♪ >> next on espnews. a bird wins the belmont, but it's not who you think. how the final jewel in the triple crown was won. the red wings had their leading scorer back for game five. how he gave detroit a major boost against pittsburgh. late-game heroics around major league baseball. why it was a lousy day for a couple of top-flight closers. espnews is now. >> and it is mine that bird who
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has taken the lead. charitable man is second. and dunkirk fights on. at the top of the stretch it is mine that bird fully extended by calvin borel, summer bird is going to take a late run at him. >> dunkirk is not done yet. dunkirk comes right back. mine that bird. and here is summer bird. and here is summer bird to win the belmont stakes. summer bird, an 11-1 upset. >> another stunner at the belmont. alongside will selva, i'm anish shroff keeping you current at espnews. birds of a feather. sometimes it comes down to what nest you're from. >> this is the interesting part of the story. >> summer bird has the same father as mine that bird -- his name bird stone. he pulled a stunning upset against triple-crown threat smarty jones in 2004. with more on saturday's upset, here is joe tessitore, randy moss and jerry bailey.
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>> big, bold and brutal -- belmont, 31 years without a triple crown and one year without a calvin crown -- calvin borel on mine that bird was trying to sweep all three triple-crown races on two different horses, but it was the other bird that stole the show. >> one of the biggest challenges for a jockey riding a mile and a half belmont race is to judge your move, and you see mine that bird here in the black and white going by on the outside. this is pretty early. mine that bird seems to have a mind of his own. pulling calvin borel up closer and closer with the orange saddle tally, you see calvin pull his goggles down but this is too soon in the race. half belmont race is to judge they have almost a third of the race left here and mine that bird is creeping up toward the leaders. as you see him turn for home, mine that bird, number seven is almost on the lead where summer bird is behind him, launching his run. >> maybe calvin moved a little early, maybe the horse dragged him up there, maybe the horse was a little tired after the derby and preakness, summer bird, on the other hand, made the first race of his life on
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march 1st -- just a little more than three months ago. and summer bird rolls up on the outside after finishing third in the arkansas derby, sixth in the kentucky derby, gets the job done here with kent desormeaux. >> sweet redemption for kent, who was blistered last year for his ride on big brown. he finally gets his belmont. >> it was kent desormeaux who said of calvin borel's guarantee earlier this week, "i think calvin is naive." the experience of desormeaux in the belmont pays off, gets sweet revenge after big brown, and summer bird brings back over $25. dunkirk held on for second. mine that bird finishes in the money now at all three triple-crown races. here is what trainer chip woolley had to say about calvin borel's ride. >> i wasn't awful disappointed, i think my horse was the best horse here, made a move early and came up empty. calvin said he was fighting him
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a little bit down the back side, but you could tell when calvin set him down maybe a hair early, but that's a judgment call out there, and i'll pat him on the back when i see him. >> calvin, tell me what happened. >> just went a little slow up front, i had to let him go a little bit down the back side, he was fighting me a little bit, but i don't know, i made the lead at the 16th pole, i thought he was home free. >> alongside randy moss and two-time belmont winner jerry bailey, i'm joe tessitore. so the question now will be, did calvin lose this belmont? or did kent go out and win it? >> i think kent won it, because calvin borel would have had to have the same kind of trip he had in the kentucky derby -- that inside, late move along the rail to win the belmont. he didn't get that. kent desormeaux did. >> a lot of times, when a horse wants to run, it's counterproductive for a jockey to be tugging against it, especially when you're trying to go a mile and a half, so calvin was faced with a situation where the horse wanted to run when they turned into the back
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stretch, especially since he was on the outside a little bit, so it might have been the best thing to go ahead and give him his head and hope for the best. >> reflect on this triple crown. five weeks ago, mine that bird was 50-1, summer bird was a huge long shot in the derby, and rachel alexandra was racing against gals. one of the most unpredictable triple crowns we've ever seen. >> it's the year of the bird. >> birdstone indeed. >> times are changing. a decade ago or more, it was almost unheard of for a trainer of a good horse to run in the kentucky derby, skip the preakness, and come back in the belmont stakes. now, this makes six belmont winners in the last 11 years that fit exactly that pattern. you can say something for fresh legs. >> 2004 belmont winner birdstone has now sired two triple-crown race winners. summer bird today -- kent desormeaux gets the victory in the belmont. >> gentlemen, thank you. as randy moss explained, an unusual trend here. coming into the race rested seems to be a popular method of victory at the belmont.
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six of the last 11 belmont winners have come by horses who raced in the kentucky derby and skipped the preakness. summer bird followed the same path to victory has his father, birdstone, 2004 belmont winner. >> the red wings were halfway to getting their names engraved on the stanley cup, and the penguins had an inscription ready to go on their tombstone. we're not ready to make funeral arrangements for pittsburgh and not ready to crown detroit. after two straight wins on their home ice, the pens evened the stanley cup final at 2-2. the series returned to motown for game five. detroit's leading scorer, pavel datsyuk returned to the lineup. he missed the last seven games with a foot injury. first period scoreless. watch marc-andre fleury. dives to knock it away. we're just getting started. still in the first.
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going to cleary. second period. watch valtteri filppula. the backhand. beats fleury. 2-0 detroit. the wings took full advantage on the power play. niklas kronwall. 3-0 detroit. still in the second period. another red wings power play. defenseman brian rafalski. top shelf. 4-0 wings. second power play goal of the game. detroit had one power play goal in the first four games. still second period. henrik zetterberg. last year's conn smythe trophy winner. three power play goals in a period. that ties a stanley cup record. wings win 5-0. 15th career playoff shutout for chris osgood. in the three games in detroit in this series, the wings have outscored the penguins 11-2. pavel datsyuk, two assists in his return to the red wings lineup.
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>> this guy's one of the best players in the world, both offensively and defensively, and a winner -- and it just makes our team more comfortable, we were relaxed and suddenly we relaxed and we made plays. >> we obviously didn't have full -- he wasn't 100% pavel datsyuk but i'll take 85% of pavel datsyuk than 100% of most other guys. his vision is obviously good and his ability to handle the puck. i think he's only going to get stronger as we go forward. >> one night i play more and more comfortable, it's a little bit hard to start with final series when i miss couple game, but where is to play more, especially with confidence, i feel better and better. >> three power play goals in one period ties a stanley cup record. the red wings the first team to do it since the avalanche did in 1996. the last three to accomplish the feat all ended up winning the stanley cup.
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>> barry melrose looks back on game five. >> analyzing game five is simple. pavel datsyuk came back for detroit. that's all you need to know. the guy was unbelievable. he started the game off with a big hit on malkin. he got an assist on the first goal. got an assist later on the power play. he really calmed detroit down. he was making great plays. as he got playing, the rest of the guys fed off his confidence, his talent level, his competitiveness, and they really took it to pittsburgh. if i'm a pittsburgh penguin fan, this is what i would say. i would much rather lose 5-0 than 1-0 and play great. at least now danny bylsma can can go back to pittsburgh and do some coaching, but with pavel datsyuk back in the lineup it's tough for pittsburgh to win game six. >> baseball, dodgers four games ahead of the phillies for the best record in baseball, brad lidge on the mound looking to bounce back from a blown save, and this is not bouncing back -- bottom of the ninth, dodgers down 2-1. rafael furcal. see you -- second homer of the season. lidge blowing his second save in less than 24 hours.
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2-2. we're going to extras. bottom 10, same score, two outs, two on, chad durbin facing matt kemp. he hooks him and he books him -- durbin out of the jam. bottom 12, still 2-2. andre ethier, the pride of arizona state, and fork 'em, sun devils, touch 'em all, andre, every single one of them, ninth home run of the year, second of the game, his second walk-off hit in two days, dodgers win 3-2, l.a. improves to 5-1 in extras, the dodgers an m.l.- best 14-5 in one-run games this season. after going 41-41 in save opportunities last season, lidge blew his major-league-leading sixth save. he's already allowed six more earned runs this season despite pitching 43 fewer innings. >> still to come on espnews, it was supposed to be a pitching duel. instead, the bronx got to see a barn-burner. tiger's in the hunt at memorial. he might do a double-take when
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>> moving day at the memorial. tiger woods, three-time winner there looking to make his move -- looking to climb the leaderboard in round three. 11th hole, second shot on the par 5, he's on the dance floor in two and it's going to roll a little bit. it's going to take time but it's going to roll, tiger would be set up for a very makable eagle putt.
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a tough one, though, fast, going downhill, greens played very fast on saturday but tiger sinks it. moves to four under for the tournament. birdied 14. then on 15, another birdie putt. put it in the cup. tiger at six under par. ran into some trouble on 17. this a par putt. woods would lip out. he would bogey. four-under 68 on the day. four back of the leader heading into sunday. geoff ogilvy shot a 74 friday, shot a 63, third-round tournament record. nine under for the event. two back of the leader -- this guy, matt bettencourt, a rookie. how about this shot on 17. bettencourt, eight birdies in the round. he shot a four-under 68. he shares the lead after three rounds with park wilson.
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this will be a tap-in birdie. got to root for this guy. he never played in a pga tour event until this year. had his clubs and his wedding ring stolen, two weeks ago. taylor made able to set him up with new dlubz and a new bag. said bettencourt, "it's a blessing in disguise." we'll see if he can hang on sunday. >> nascar nationwide series, nashville, kyle busch started first but he's never won in nashville. he had a theory why he's had bad luck at the end of races. >> jerry and the guys in the booth need to stop jinxing me. the end of races they keep saying "kyle busch has led the most laps, he hasn't won," quit it, jerry, don't even put the camera on me. >> he's referring to jerry punch, of course. lap 192, brendan gaughan pulling into pit road.
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gaughan slams into the back of his car. >> do not let him leave this racetrack at all. >> i'm fine. >> i'm talking about the kid. he's not leaving this racetrack until he sees me. >> final lap, busch started with the lead and finished with it as well -- his fourth nationwide series win of the year. he gets a gay retire tar for winning it. what do you do? he becomes a gay r guy tar hero. smash it. >> irl bombardier learjet 500, shaquille o'neal serving as grand marshal. he changed the right front tire for rafael matos during a pit stop demo prior to the race and then as the grand marshal does, shaq does the honors. >> texas motor speedway, are you ready? ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. >> can you imagine shaq in one of those indy cars? >> can you dig it? >> i don't think he would fit
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in. >> no. under 50 laps to go, under caution, ryan briscoe comes into the pits with helio castroneves in second but helio pits closer and he pits out taking the lead from his teammate. on the final lap, mr. castroneves, indy 500 winner a winner at texas motor speedway. teammate ryan briscoe finishes second. welcome to the family -- new jets head coach rex ryan met yankees skipper joe girardi before the game. a-rod had gone 43 at-bats without a homer. not anymore. that's off david price. price gave up only one earned run in 5 2/3 innings pitched. willie aybar off cc sabathia, three-run shot. rays up 5-3. cc eight innings, five runs, four earned, tied at 5-5 in the ninth, joe dillon r.b.i. single against mariano rivera. the rays got four runs off
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rivera. yankees mounted a comeback in the bottom of the ninth. tying run at the plate. robbie cano hits it hard but b.j. upton tracks it down. tampa holds for a 9-7 win. the yankees this season have dropped 9-11 to the rays and red sox. meanwhile, tampa 10-6 against new york and boston but three games under .500 against everyone else. >> the rangers had their eyes set on a second straight win over boston. jon lester had his eyes set on a perfect game. struck out 11 perfect batters. he was perfect through four innings. more on lester in a moment. bottom sixth, david ortiz facing kris benson. ortiz's second round-tripper of the year, first home run since may 20. red sox go up 5-0. top seven, lester still pitching a perfect game but there it goes. michael young into the gap. young was the only ranger with a hit.
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red sox win it 8-1. lester is now 19-4 at fenway -- the best home win percentage among active pitchers with at least 15 career home starts. a routine play becomes anything but for the mets. how it became an adventure. >> last year he was the league's m.v.p. what kobe bryant is saying about his game might surprise you. undefeated professional boxer floyd "money" mayweather has the fastest hands boxing has ever seen. so i've come to this ring to see who's faster... on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't. so i can browse the web faster, email business plans faster. all on the go. i'm bill kurtis and i'm faster than floyd mayweather. (announcer) switch to the nation's fastest 3g network and get the at&t laptopconnect card for free. do you remember when making dinner meant finding just the
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>> the lakers defended their home court advantage in game one, now kobe bryant three games from a fourth ring. dwight howard's team knows how to fight back. it's game two of the nba finals. coverage begins sunday at 7:30 eastern on abc.
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i well and that's what kept him out there, but i think we should have kept him at six or seven minutes. >> after sunday's game two and after superman and kobe are done doing work, you can hear what they have to say here on espnews. we'll bring you all the post-game news conferences live following the game. >> soccer, u.s.-honduras, first world cup qualifier ever played at soldier field, americans change four starters after being embarrassed by costa rica. clint dempsey, bad turnover there. honduras on the break. u.s. down 1-0 very quickly. u.s. ties it at 1-1 on a donovan penalty kick. chip pass to dempsey, he blows
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it. still tied at 1-1. 68th minute. donovan taking the corner kick. carlos boca negra using his head -- 11th international goal for him. u.s. wins 2-1. >> raining rubles in paris, all-russian final in the french open, dinara safina, number one top ranked player in the world. svetlana kuznetsova, third time they've met in a clay court final this season. each has one win. safina seeking her first career grand slam. kuznetsova won the u.s. open in 2004. kuznetsova would win the first set 6-4. second set all came apart for dinara safina. hits the return wide. slamming the racket. then kuznetsova would break point here. safina the forehand wide. she looks at her coach.
1:55 am
and says, "why am i such a chicken?" coach is like, "i don't know." safina seeking her first grand slam title. safina long with the lob attempt. and then double faults for the match. kuznetsova in straight sets. her second grand slam title. just the second russian to win a title at roland garros. >> back to the ball yard. mets looking to get out of their own way against the nats. elijah dukes can't come up with it. castillo confused. he thought dukes made the catch. head back to first. brown tries to stop him. he's too late. nats get castillo at second --
1:56 am
total and complete confusion on the basepaths. "go back, go back. where are you going?" >> "tom emanski, line one." >> i don't know if tom would be able to help those guys out. mets lose 7-1. >> no triple crown for calvin borel but the belmont did offer sweet redemption for another jockey. >> plus, detroit, rock city, now red wings wrestle away control of the stanley cup final. ♪
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>> edwin jackson 4-1 with a 1 elephant 49 e.r.a. in his last five starts trying to finish off the angels. bobby abreu staring at a 97-mile-per-hour heater. vlad guerrero tips one at 99. torii hunter. helpless. jackson, complete-game four-hitter. he's got the second lowest e.r.a. in the a.l. >> keeping you current. defending champion rafael nadal is in doubt for wimbledon because of a knee injury. his coach and uncle told french radio r.n.c. that he's not too optimistic. nadal had already pulled out of next week's wimbledon warm-up grass court tournament at queen's club.


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